Teacher Testimonials

Catherine Revels, NBCT Teacher And Instructional Technology Facilitator
Pamlico County Schools, NC
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Our first, second, and third grade students participated in Brightfish Reading during our summer reading program. The students LOVED the program and were excited to earn certificates. As a teacher, I was impressed with the student interaction component of the program and the well-planned sequence of student learning activities. EVERY student that used Brightfish Learning during the summer reading program had a POSITIVE growth score at the completion of the summer.
Elisabeth Ward
Flomaton Elementary, AL
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BrightFish Reading is an engaging and rewarding program for all students. The story choices and activities interested my students and kept them striving to reach their goals. I was especially pleased with the training, customer service, and communication from the BrightFish staff. I hope this is a program my school will continue with for years to come!
Nikki Burns
Morris Slingluff Elementary, AL
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I was hesitant about another ‘program’ to help my students. BrightFish Reading exceeded my expectations. Kids were eager to come to my class to work on their Brightfish stories. They wanted to correctly and quickly complete a story. My office walls are full of their certificates and the students take pride seeing their name on the wall when they complete stories.
Jeanette Randall
Cloverdale Elementary, AL
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I had one student use BrightFish on her mom's cell phone while waiting for her brother to finish ball practice! Loved it!
Courteney Brunson
Felton Lab Charter, SC
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Using BrightFish, my students were interested in learning how to read better. It’s an investment that is worth it!
Tony Ray
The New America School, NM
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BrightFish Reading has great potential to improve students' reading, if implemented correctly and if students understand that it will help them read much better and much faster.
Meghan Holmes
Spout Springs Elementary, GA
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I love it!

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