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Boost Independent Reading Levels for Students with IEPs

Students with individualized educational programs (IEPs) often have difficulty reading at grade level. Many students score below grade level on standardized tests and require a flexible tool that provides high-quality instruction as part of their IEP.

BrightFish Reading is a structured, yet flexible, research-based program for grades 2-10 that enables struggling learners to read engaging, on-level text while motivating them to practice and improve.

Why BrightFish Reading Works

  • Adaptive Cloze pre-testing identifies each student's instructional level and automatically assigns appropriate reading material.
  • High-quality instruction, feedback and rewards keep students focused on reading independently.
  • Mastery-based learning in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension aligns to ELA standards.
  • Read-aloud models assist students' in gaining reading fluency and reduces barriers to learning.
  • Strategies and teacher resources enable interventions based on data insights.
“The vocabulary component in BrightFish Reading has been crucial to my students' overall reading comprehension. The program gives me the time I need to work with small groups and collect data.”
Meghan Holmes
Special Education Teacher, Spout Springs Elementary School, GA

Classroom Snapshot: Spout Springs Elementary School, GA

Special Education teacher, Meghan Holmes, has been using BrightFish Reading with students in her resource room since the 2016-17 school year.

Grade Levels

3, 4, and 5

Student Referrals

Students are enrolled in BrightFish Reading based on Lexile or DRA scores from standardized assessments.

Resource Room

Classes of 5-15 students use BrightFish Reading in the resource room. While students receive individualized instruction in BrightFish, Ms. Holmes focuses on data collection and small-group remediation.

Regular Access

BrightFish sessions are scheduled for 40 minutes at least 3 days a week. Some students also use the program from home.


Ms. Holmes unexpectedly announces who has the most hours or completed stories. Those students receive prizes for their hard work in BrightFish Reading.

How she uses BrightFish data

Once students begin working in the program, Ms. Holmes utilizes error data from the student progress reports to drive small group instruction on missed concepts and standards. She also meets with students 1:1 to discuss their progress and feedback.

Success Stories

“My students typically dislike the written work and often try to avoid it. I sit with them to encourage the completion of each book in BrightFish Reading. Students love to show me when they complete a story. They enjoy seeing the congratulations screen!”
Meghan Holmes
Special Education Teacher, Spout Springs Elementary School, GA
“BrightFish inspires me to read. Reading makes me a better person. Some of the stories have taught me information that I did not know, and it has increased my vocabulary a lot. I would like to thank the people who created the program. My year has been pretty great and fun!”

Jarred W.
Successful Student

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