The perfect program for supporting your child’s reading journey.


Effortlessly implement a proven reading program in your classroom.


A cost-effective, tailored reading solution for your district and schools.

Proven, research-based learning

BrightFish Reading is a research-based reading program that’s used in schools and homes across the United States. Our program consists of great stories, engaging activities, and a reward system designed to keep students motivated. With over 5,000+ students daily, we assure you that BrightFish is the program for your classroom and your children at home.

BrightFish inspires me to read. Reading makes me a better person. Some of the stories have taught me information that I did not know, and it has increased my vocabulary a lot. I would like to thank the people who created the program. My year has been pretty great and fun!

Jarred, Grade 9 Student