K-12 program improves reading scores

A structured, research-based program was implemented to improve fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

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Learn how Escambia County Schools in Alabama increased their reading scores using BrightFish Reading.

Escambia County Schools needed new tools to improve their reading scores across elementary, middle, and high schools. Getting students to read at grade-level was the primary goal, but they also wanted to provide engaging and comprehensive instruction. By using BrightFish Reading, they managed to achieve a:

  • 75% Average Increase in Vocabulary
  • 30% Average Increase in Post-Test Cloze Scores
“BrightFish Reading is an engaging and rewarding program for all students. The story choices and activities interested my students and kept them striving to reach their goals. I was especially pleased with the training, customer service, and communication from the BrightFish staff. I hope this is a program my school will continue with for years to come!”
Elisabeth W.
Middle School Teacher

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Download our case study - for FREE!