How Escambia County Schools Improved Their Reading Scores by 30%


BrightFish Reading is a structured, research-based program for grades 2-10 that enables struggling learners to read engaging, on-level text while motivating them to practice and improve.

Escambia County Schools needed new tools to improve their reading scores across elementary and high schools. Their commitment to helping students achieve their potential is what led them to BrightFish Reading. Getting students to read at grade-level was the primary goal, but they also wanted to provide engaging and comprehensive instruction.

Target student groups were Tier 1 at risk and Tier 2 (students reading 1-2 levels below grade), as well as some on-level students assigned to higher-grade material. A total of 733 students in the following grades were enrolled in the program:

  • AC Moore: grades 3 and 4: 245 students
  • Flomaton: grades 3-6: 198 students
  • Pollard-McCall: grades 3-6: 196 students
  • Escambia High School: grades 9-10: 94 students


Escambia had many challenges which included:

  • Multiple reading levels per grade
  • Limited time for 1:1 remediation
  • Budget constraints
  • Busy teacher schedules

Overall, a single solution was required for the different needs of each school in the district.

BrightFish Reading

To address the challenges identified by educators in Escambia County Schools, BrightFish implemented:

  • Adaptive Cloze testing that identified students' reading levels
  • District-wide licenses for students reading 1 to 2 levels below grade to use BrightFish Reading for 15 minutes per day
  • Teacher workshops and webinars for best practices and data analysis
  • Ongoing teacher support by phone, email and live chat


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Average Increase in Vocabulary
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Average Increase in Post-Test Cloze Scores

Success Stories

“BrightFish Reading is an engaging and rewarding program for all students. The story choices and activities interested my students and kept them striving to reach their goals. I was especially pleased with the training, customer service, and communication from the BrightFish staff. I hope this is a program my school will continue with for years to come!”
Elisabeth W.
Middle School Teacher
“BrightFish inspires me to read. Reading makes me a better person. Some of the stories have taught me information that I did not know, and it has increased my vocabulary a lot. I would like to thank the people who created the program. My year has been pretty great and fun!”

Jarred W.
Successful Student

Effective and Affordable

We know budgets are tight, which is why we designed our affordable subscriptions to be flexible and easy to use for a few students to thousands district-wide. Get started for as little as $20 per student!

Here are just a few reasons why BrightFish works

  • Vocabulary word usage, graphic organizer and writing activities build knowledge of how words are applied in text
  • Comprehension strategies include summarization, prior knowledge, metacognition/monitoring, use of text structure and visualization
  • Instruction provides opportunities for students to use the strategies independently or with less teacher support
  • Instruction provides students with frequent opportunities to write
  • Students are challenged at their level with developmentally and academically appropriate content and instruction
  • Quality and range of professional development options ensure that BrightFish Reading is used with fidelity

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