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Vanessa McGowanGrade 9 Learner
I like that you don't just read the story but you go through the words and it makes reading a book fun.
Eshal VickersGrade 8 Learner
What I love about Brightfish is that it gives me tools I can use when taking a test, and plus it's so much fun!
Elisabeth WardEnglish Teacher
This is an engaging and rewarding program for all students. The story choices and activities interested my students and kept them striving to reach their goals.
Roscoe CookeGrade 11 Learner
It helps me a lot in English. I am getting better and better each day.
Kwabena AguirreGrade 6 Learner
I don’t like BrightFish... I LOVE BrightFish! It is just so awesome! I like that you don’t just read the story but you go through the words and it makes reading fun.
Nikki BurnsEnglish Teacher
BrightFish Reading exceeded my expectations. Kids were eager to come to my class to work on their Brightfish stories. It is a great resource for my students.
Gracey BrookesGrade 3 Learner
I just like BrightFish!
Courteney BrunsonEnglish Teacher
Using BrightFish, my students were interested in learning how to read better. It's an investment that is worth it!
Jose DalyGrade 9 Learner
I like that it helps you with your comprehension and how to read.
Jeanette RandallEnglish Teacher
I had one student use BrightFish on her mom's cell phone while waiting for her brother to finish ball practice! Loved it!