BrightFish Reading For Georgia Schools

Hall County Schools in Georgia choose BrightFish for fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Boost Reading 2.5+ levels in only 15 minutes a day!

Many students read below grade level – and it’s a deficit that grows over time. BrightFish Reading is a research-based online program that helps students in grades 2-10 become engaged, independent readers.

Our unique, structured process deconstructs grade-level text to make it meaningful and accessible. Students develop the skills and confidence to raise their academic achievement.

Why BrightFish Reading Works

  • Skills mastery in Georgia ELA Standards: Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehensions.
  • Engaging, age-appropriate text, video and instructional feedback.
  • Realtime monitoring and reporting - ideal for co-teaching.
  • Proven for economically disadvantaged students in supplemental classes, intensive reading, ESOL and more.
  • Flexible model suitable for schoolwide reform and targeted models - results in just 15 minutes per day.
“BrightFish Reading is the perfect supplemental instructional resource for providing the necessary reading instruction based on the student's individual needs. At middle and high school, we have students who have been struggling readers throughout their academic career. BrightFish provides age-appropriate personalized instruction focusing on foundational skills and building up to comprehension skills. We are excited to realize the potential of our students through the utilization of BrightFish.”
Lory R.
Middle and Secondary Reading Supervisor, Hillsborough County Public Schools.

Age-appropriate, independent reading instruction

Thousands of students use BrightFish Reading every day to improve reading skills, confidence and academic achievement, including:

Hillsborough County Schools, FL

80 middle and high schools, grades 6-10:

FSA Level 1 students (all subgroups)

Hall County Schools, GA

13 elementary, middle and high schools:

students with IEPs

Escambia County Schools, AL

6 elementary, middle and high schools:

Tier I supplemental and Tier II

Montgomery Public Schools, AL

31 elementary, middle and high schools:

students with IEPs

Tougaloo College, MS

15 elementary, middle and high schools:

after school enrichment programs

Victor Valley Union High School District, CA

High school summer programs

Here's what schools are saying about BrightFish Reading:

“BrightFish inspires me to read. Reading makes me a better person. Some of the stories have taught me information that I did not know, and it has increased my vocabulary a lot. I would like to thank the people who created the program. My year has been pretty great and fun!"
Jarred W.
9th Grade student, Choctaw Central High School, MS (2019 BrightFish All-Star)
"At the start of the year. Abran lacked the confidence to work on BrightFish Reading independently. Abran continued to work on BrightFish at every opportunity and now he leads our class in BrightFish hours. He is always super excited to complete a book and receive the congratulations screen. He has shown an increase of four levels in his reading ability this year!”
Meghan H.
Special Education Teacher, Spout Springs Elementary School, Gainesville, GA
“Our students LOVED the program and were excited to earn certificates. As a teacher. I was impressed with the student interaction component of the program and the well-planned sequence of student learning activities. EVERY student that used BrightFish Reading during the summer reading program had a POSITIVE growth score.”
Catherine R.
NBCT Teacher/Instructional Technology Facilitator, Pamlico County Schools, NC
"BrightFish Reading challenges my students to work through the stories and show comprehension in different ways. My kids know that I expect to see growth in their comprehension scores - and now they have come to want that too."
Tony R.
EL Reading 9th Graded Teacher, The New America School, Las Cruces, NM

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