BrightFish For Homeschoolers

The goal of nearly every parent who chooses homeschooling is to ensure that their kids receive the best education possible.

With BrightFish Reading, homeschooling families are choosing a reading program built upon years of study and research, proven to improve literacy.

If you enroll more than one child in BrightFish, we offer a special discounted rate:

$9.95 for your first child

$2.95 for each additional child

This is not a promotional offer. Just add more licenses in your checkout form and the discount will be added automatically.

For Homeschooling Community Classes and
Faith-based Literacy Centers

We are offering this discount in order to ensure that BrightFish Reading will also be the right choice for larger home school families and faith-based centers. At BrightFish we are committed to the idea that children should have access to the best learning tools available with content that is family-friendly, positive, and engaging. For classes larger than 10 students please reach out to us at:

Includes a free trial
with no credit card required

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