Words Matter!

One of the most common things I see in struggling readers is a lack of vocabulary. Simply put, children who know more words have an easier time understanding the text they are reading. Research shows us that the average child enters first grade knowing around 6,000 words, and that by the time they finish high school this number jumps to around 45,000 words. This means that the average child learns around 3,000 new words per year; compared to the typical struggling reader who only learns around 1,000 new words per year. As part of the BrightFish Reading experience, kids are introduced to all of the vocabulary words in the stories – even the difficult ones –and are then provided with definitions, pictures, and simple sentences  using those words; before slowly building them back into paragraphs. Once a child has completed all the steps involved, not only can they read the story at their grade level, but they can also understand it.   

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