Keep Reading Interesting!

Providing kids with a variety of different media helps to keep learning exciting. Imagine trying to describe surfing to somebody who’s never seen the ocean before, let alone a surfboard. How would you go about it?

“Okay, so there’s this huge body of water that has these giant waves rolling across the surface, and people paddle out on these long flat boards so they can ride the waves.” Not bad; it certainly describes what’s happening.

But imagine if you showed that person a picture of a surfer out on the ocean, along with your description, or better yet a video of someone surfing? Suddenly the whole idea comes to life in their mind. This is the exact concept we use in BrightFish Reading, children are presented with content at their grade level and shown how to read it using a combination of text, audio and video. This helps them stay interested and greatly increases their ability to hold on to what they’ve learned.

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