What’s the Best Way to Learn?​

Have you ever been presented with a set of instructions that, try as you might, you simply couldn’t figure out?

Not long ago my husband and I were trying to put together a set of bunk beds we bought on sale for our 8 year old son at Ikea. They looked great in the store, there were solid looking stairs instead of a rickety ladder, and there was a little desk underneath for him to do his homework. The problems started when we got the boxes home and tried to assemble the pieces.

The instructions seemed very straightforward, and my husband and I are both reasonably intelligent people, but by page three we were hopelessly lost. After about 30 minutes of me stubbornly refusing to accept defeat, my husband quietly went onto YouTube and found an instructional video that some kind soul had put up explaining the entire build from start to finish.

Armed with the video and the existing instructions we were finally able to complete the bed and get it set up for our son. We quickly learned that he is terrified of sleeping that high off the ground, but that is a story for another time. Now, why did the video make such a big difference? Because people tend to learn best when presented with concepts that interact with both our eyes and our ears.

When your child is using BrightFish Reading they are learning through a  proven system which utilizes text as well as audio or video. The results of this type of learning speak for themselves; children not only learn how to read what they are seeing but also how to understand what they are reading.

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