BrightFish Reading Packages

BrightFish Trial Edition

Effortlessly implement a proven reading program in your classroom.

Our Classroom Trial Edition gives your students access to a limited number of stories with a pre-test and a mid-year test for as many students as you like. That’s up to 6 weeks of work for FREE!

BrightFish District Edition

A cost-effective, tailored reading solution for your district and schools.

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Which edition is right for me?

 BrightFish Classroom Trial EditionBrightFish District Edition
Unlimited training time
Unlimited registered students
Reading placement test
Number of stories3 per grade level10 or more per grade level
Access to fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension activities
Video tutorials and individualized feedback
Mid year progress test
End of year test
Games room access
Virtual trophies, badges, and certificates
Student and Class Reports
School and District Reports
SupportCommunity ForumCommunity Forum, Resource Center, Teacher Guides, Answer Keys, Live Chat