About Us

BrightFish Reading is a division of BrightFish Learning, an international company focused on creating innovative tools that help educators and students achieve their goals. With offices in Chicago, IL and Ottawa, ON, we are continuously striving to improve the way children learn to read in districts, schools, and classrooms across North America.

BrightFish was created around the very simple idea that the most effective way to get better at something, is to practice it. That’s why we exist, and we have been committed to providing high quality, structured reading practice since day one!

At BrightFish we employ a large network of talented, dedicated teachers across North America who help create exciting content for teachers, students, and homeschool families. Our senior leadership team (SLT) is committed to helping families and students achieve their educational goals.

Our team has accumulated expertise working with large Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurial ventures and educational start-ups. The SLT has decades of education & publishing experience working with companies like AutoSkill International, Educators Publishing Service, School Specialty Inc., CDI College, Corinthian Education Corporation, KarbonStream Corporation, and Ascentify Learning Media Inc., as well as occupying a position on the Board of Directors of Noble Network Education Foundation.

The bottom line is, when it comes to getting your child the reading practice they need to be successful not only in school but in the rest of their lives, there is simply no better choice than BrightFish Reading.

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