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BrightFish Reading is backed by schools across the United States for ages 6 - 13 and uses research to help your child improve their reading, in just weeks.

The reading program is designed to Lexile standards ensuring to deliver proven results that improve your child’s reading in the best way possible.

Improving your child’s reading is made fun and easy as they make their way through structured, self-guided, game rewarded lessons that match their ability and features a fun-filled gamified environment for learning.

Gain results, fast

  • Up to 34% increase in test scores across US public schools
  • Based on the Lexile Reading Framework
  • Trusted by 3000+ students everyday
  • Developed by industry experts with over 30 years of experience
  • Only 15 minutes per day to improve reading
  • 100% risk-free demo

Why your child, and you, will love BrightFish Reading

  • Lessons match and improve your child's reading
  • Exciting rewards and games garner motivation
  • Over 40+ hours of activities
  • Track child's progress with detailed reports
  • Compatible with tablets and computers so learning is possible anywhere
  • Aligned with US grade-level standards

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How it works

100% risk-free access to BrightFish Reading

Many online reading programs request banking information from you just to access their trial.
Here at BrightFish, we believe in transparency and simplicity. To sign-up for our demo, all you need to do is add your name and email. No banking details and 100% risk-free

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